Jelly Belly Beanboozled Jelly Beans are 10 years old this month!

What?!? Did you know: barf flavor started out as pizza that was intended to be good – but it wasn’t! Pro tip: always end with toothpaste or berry blue flavor. Try Jelly Belly’s 4th Edition mix of weird and nasty flavors mixed with regular ones. Makes a great game! Most memorable flavors per Jelly Belly are stinky socks, barf and rotten egg. Do you agree? What are your most memorable favorites?

No more lemon creams unless you want them!

Valentine's Heart
Some surprises are good, and some are not so good.

Do you hate throwing out all those “not so good flavors” from those pre-assorted heart boxes?
Take the waste out of Valentine’s and visit Pearls Candy NH to create a custom heart with just the ones you want.

One stop shop for all your Valentine candy and chocolates.

Everything from almond butter crunch to cashew turtles or chocolate covered cherry cordials.
Chocolate covered Oreos to English toffee to peanut butter cups. Yum to all of it and to everything in between.

75th Golden Globe Party Ideas and Tasty Treats

The awards season is officially under way with the announcement of the 75th Golden Globe contenders. Visit Pearls Candy NH for everything you need for a tasty Golden Globe party. We have gold Lindt truffles, gold candies, gold foiled gourmet chocolates, Jelly Belly champagne bubbles, gold dusted solid milk chocolate awards, and filled chocolates (uhm, for those over 21 years of age) or cordial toasting cups for your own signature cocktails.

Have a great weekend and stay warm.
Hopefully all your favorites win!

International Treats Candy Bars and Holiday Gift Ideas

Thank you Donna for asking. Yes, we’ve been slowly growing our international treats selection. We have both candy bars and many holiday gifts ideas. Here are a few:

Nestle Imported Kit Kat Double Decker Bus Tin 326g
Quality Street Premium Candy Large Tub
ChocOBeer Belgian Beer Filled Chocolates Gift Set
Butlers Irish Whiskey Fudge Gift Box
Asbach Pralinen Zarte Flaschchen Large Box BB Aug 2018
Asbach Uralt Brandy Cordial Cherries Large Box BB Aug 2018Schladerer Pralines Assorted Brandy Small Box BB Aug 2018
Cadbury Roses Assorted Small Tub
Anthon Berg Filled Cocktail Chocolates 16 pcs
Torrone Almond Honey Nougat 18 pc Box
XOXOX Chocolove Belgian Dark Chocolate Bar 1 ct
Milka White Chocolate Bar 1 ct
Baci Perugina Gift Box 15 pcs
Baci Perugina Milk Gift Bag 5 oz
Cadbury Assorted Treatsize Stocking Mix 4 bars
Peppermint Pig Medium Gift Set (I know…sorry! Made in NY but still a great idea!)

For more options, please visit us:

Happy Holidays Donna and thanks again for asking!

Visit Pearls Candy NH To Enter For a Free Pair of Tickets to “A Christmas Carol” at North Shore Music Theatre

Celebrate Christmas this season with a free pair of tickets to see “A Christmas Carol” at North Shore Music Theatre in Beverly, MA.

Visit us at Pearls Candy NH located at 356 S Broadway, Rt 28, Salem, NH, to put your name in the candy jar to win your pair.

North Shore Music Theater, Pearls Candy NH and The River 92.5 are giving away 5 free pairs of tickets to see “A Christmas Carol” Saturday, December 16th. All tickets are for the 2:00 PM matinee performance.

Winners will be notified Saturday, December 9th via phone call. Visit us in store to enter now.

Hours are
Sunday 12:00 – 4:00
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 10:00 – 6:00
Thursday, Friday 10:00 – 8:00
Saturday 10:00 – 6:00

Gingerbread House Decorating Ideas

Visit us for those additional or unique decorating ideas for your gingerbread house.  Below is a short list.  We have so much more in our store @ 356 S Broadway, Salem, NH or online @

Send us your ideas and/or share your photos.

Happy decorating!

November – move your clocks, change your batteries and surprise someone you love…

Happy November!!  As a quick reminder, don’t forget this weekend we move the clocks back.  It is also a great time to get an extra hour of sleep, change your smoke detector batteries and send your favorite college students fantastic candy care packages, to get them through to Thanksgiving holiday! Each package comes with a white Sterilite reusable storage container, candy, candy, candy, custom color note card and free shipping!

Two new mixes include:

Candy Gift Package Venti – $69.99

College Care Package Venti

Full panty size bag of plain MMs for sharing, MikeandIke Jolly Joes, Caramel Apple Sugar Babies, Charms Blow Pop Minis, BottleCaps, MikeandIke Original Fruits, Good N Fruity, Lifesaver Gummies, JujyFruits, Emoji Gummies, Runts, Whoppers, Gobstoppers, Jujubes, MikeandIke Sour-licious, Mary Janes, Warheads Cubes and Sour Jelly Beans. Comes with a white Sterilite reusable nesting storage bin, custom color note card and free shipping! To create a custom note, please include your message in the Notes section when checking out. Final assortment may vary depending on availability.

Candy Gift Package Grande – $49.99

College Care Package Grande

Assortment includes new MM Caramel, Mr. Goodbar, Charleston Chew, Lion Bar, Baby Ruth, Chunky, Heath, Kit Kat, SkyBar, Mallo Cup, Heath Bar, Crunch Bar, Galaxy Minstrels, Skor, Hershey Bar, Butterfinger and Valomilk. Comes with a white Sterilite reusable storage tray, custom color note card and free shipping! To create a custom note, please include your message in the Notes section when checking out. Final assortment may vary depending on availability.

Recipe: Caramel Apples

Caramel Apples

Caramel apples are a delicious Autumn tradition in our family. Everyone makes theirs slightly different with a variety of tasty toppings.


6 Medium Apples
1 LB Merckens Baking Caramel
(optional) Any toppings you wish to use


  1. Remove the stems from each apple and then give them a quick wash. Be sure to make sure they are completely dry as the caramel will not stick to a wet apple.
    1. If your apples are waxy, be sure to remove. This is essential for good adhesiveness. Some folks prefer a white vine vinegar and warm water wash – others use 1 T lemon juice & 1 T baking soda to the water for 4 inches of warm water in your sink. Wash/brush well.
  2. Melt the caramel in the microwave for 2-3 minutes or until it is completely smooth when stirring. Optionally add a tablespoon of milk to make the caramel thinner.
  3. While your caramel is melting, press a wooden stick into the stem hole of each apple. Flat popsicles or chopsticks work great for this.
  4. Cover a large plate or cookie sheet in parchment paper and spray it with cooking spray.
  5. Prepare your toppings in medium bowls.
    1. How crazy can you get. M&Ms, melted chocolate, diced Swedish fish or gummies, cashews, walnuts, sprinkles, coconut, chocolate chips, rock crystal candy…
  6. Dip your apple into the caramel, then roll it in the toppings you wish to add. Stand them on the cookie sheet.
  7. When you have dipped all of your apples, refrigerate for an hour or until the caramel is firm.
  8. Remove from the fridge 15 minutes prior to serving.
  9. Share and enjoy!!