Time for Gingerbread Houses

It’s that time of year again, time for Gingerbread House decorating! Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

Green Gumdrops make great snow dusted bushes. Put lights on your trees by dotting colored frosting on Black String Licorice. Candy Sticks make great fence posts or lamp posts. Licorice Wheels can act as round windows. Cut chocolate Twizzlers into small pieces for a log pile. Tootsie Midgees also work well. Chiclets make a colorful walkway to your door, or use Candy Pebbles or Choco-Rocks. They can also create a nice stone chimney.

Necco wafers make great shingles. Lollipops can be used for road signs. Hershey Kisses for church bells. Cherry bites, red Pez or Candy Bloxs for bricks. Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels can be used as ironwork or scrollwork. Candy Canes make great runners for sleighs. Butterscotch or Honey candies can look like lighted windows. And small candies like M&Ms, Smarties, Skittles or Red Hots for ornaments or door knobs.

The hard part, no taste tasting! LOL

Tell us what you think. Share your favorite ideas and photos. Happy holidays too!

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