How to Make a Successful Candy Buffet

There are many things to consider when putting together a candy buffet. What is the theme? How many guests? How will I display the candy? How many jars? How much candy should I buy? This can overwhelming if you haven’t done one before, but we’re here to help. We hope this Pearls Candy NH guide will help create a plan and reduce some of the guess work.

What theme is your event?

If your event doesn’t have a definite theme (i.e. beach or sports), consider including all your personal favorites. Themes can be anything from coordinating colors, to 80s candy, to Star Wars. Having a general idea will make finding containers and picking your candy a little easier.

How many jars and what styles?

As a general rule of thumb, we suggest 5-7 jars if you will have less than 50 guests. For every 25 guests after the first 50, add 1 more jar. For an event with 100 guests, you should lean towards 7-10 jars. We typically suggest an odd number of containers of varying sizes, styles and heights. You can use glass jars, plastic containers or even plastic beach pails. Mix it up and have fun!

Serving the candy?

Keep in mind some candy requires scoops (such as gumballs or M&Ms). You may need a wider mouthed container to assist in getting the candy out. For larger candies or gummies, you might want tongs. The larger the scoop, the more candy your guests can take at a time. The material of the scoops and tongs may be important based on your event. Metal tongs could accidentally scratch or chip a glass jar. Plastic utensils will prevent this issue and can be less expensive.

How can Pearls Candy NH help?

The amount of candy required is going to be dependent on the number of guests, jars, and/or if other desserts will be offered. As a rule of thumb, 4-8 ounces per guest will be plenty. Once you have your jars, we’ll work with you to finalize your candy assortment and amount to buy. To save a bit of money, fill the bigger jars with larger candies like salt water taffy. Taffy is inexpensive and takes up a lot of room. 1 pound of salt water taffy is about 5 cups while 1 pound of M&M’s is only 2 cups.

Table decorations and centerpieces?

Consider jar placement on your table. Will your jars be lined up in one row, or staggered in two or three rows. Taller jars work better in the back. If needed, you can always use a stack of books under a table cloth to rise up shorter jars. In addition to the bulk candy, think about using individually wrapped candies across the buffet table, for centerpieces, or for place setting decorations. Great examples might be wax mustachesgourmet chocolate foiled hearts or chocolate roses. These can act as both decorations and party favors.

Favor containers?

A common option would be a small paper or plastic bag. As with the scoops, the larger the bag the more candy guests can take. Small plastic boxes will look nice but may cost a bit more than a bag. Baby bottles, mason jars or even water bottles can work.

Final thoughts

Pearls Candy NH is here to help. Number one, have fun. We carry many items in larger bulk bags or boxes that are priced accordingly. Together we can help you estimate exactly how much you will need to fill your jars or containers, plus a little extra for refilling. If interested, we can also store your buffet candy in our temperature controlled environment until you get closer to your event. Just call ahead +1-603-893-9100 to schedule an appointment, bring your jars and let the fun begin!

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